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Verlegung von Rollrasen mit dem Motorverlegegerät
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Professional and fast work

With our motor driven installation machine, three men can install a 2000 m² lawn area per day

After many years of trouble-free implementation of our robust manual installation machines, we have also developed a motorised variant for turf rolls 60 cm in width. With our motor-driven installation machine, three men can effortlessly lay up to 2000 m² of turf per day, even faster.

Originally developed for our own installation team, the machine has been continuously improved and optimised for daily use over the past three years. Efficient work with the machine is enabled in areas of 150 m² and higher and the handling of the turf is made noticeably easier. All sport field construction companies, groundskeepers, greenkeepers or professional gardeners who work more with lawns can now also purchase this device themselves or borrow it for installation.

In its transport position the installation device does not require any more room than a conventional lattice box. Once the device has arrived at the work site, the wheels are changed to and locked in the laying position and the device is ready for use. It can be used for the transport and laying of 60 cm rolls. The installation device has a small petrol engine that is driven by a hydraulic pump. The front wheels are hydrostatically driven and the movement of the hydraulic arms raises the roll. On arrival at the place of installation, the roll is placed on the ground and unrolled backwards. An additional person pushes the turf with a rake onto the already laid surface. Finished.

This installation device can also be used for laying turf on difficult or undulating terrain, on inclines or embankments, as well as for long transport routes, making it the fastest, easiest and most durable means of laying medium rolls effortlessly.

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