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Verlegung von Rollrasen mit dem Handverlegegerät

Installation by hand or with motor power

In-house developments from practical experience for practical application: Our installation machines for medium rolls

For the 60 cm medium roll, we have invented two installation machines, and we have set standards in this area as well. Approximately 50 of these machines are in use by us and our customers. These machines install hundreds of thousands of square feet of turf each year and are used throughout Europe for medium-sized areas.

The 60-cm medium roll is a worldwide standard and was developed from the 40-cm and 60-cm mini-roll. Although the harvesting technique has long been standardised, there were no good turf-laying machines available anywhere in the world which were fast, robust and simple to use and yet which did not damage the ground. And so we set our technicians the task of inventing just that.

You can see the results here: Two machines with which you can easily and quickly cover large areas with turf rolls and which are also robust enough to be made available for rental. We are now also offering these turf-laying machines for sale.

The manual laying machine is absolutely indestructible and is the most inexpensive item in our range; using it, two men can lay about 1,000 square metres of lawn per hour. They will manage about 2,000 square metres per hour with our mechanical turf-laying machine, which is extremely fast and manoeuvrable and yet simple enough for anyone to operate.

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