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Unique worldwide: Our grader

Fast grading of large areas that is gentle on the soil for seeding down to grass

We have been using this machine for some time. And based on our experience we can state: It is the only true grader in the world that is gentle on the soil and that can be used for quickly grading large surfaces for seeding down to grass. The Schwab large-surface grader is suitable for rolled turf producers, golf course builders, landscapers, and anyone else that manages large areas.

The device is comprised of 6 different tools which are all individually adjustable: ?A cage roller is used for a re-solidification of the cultivated soil, after which a w-shaped grading frame follows for the elimination of any potential tractor tracks and carries along a certain amount of loose material. A grubber follows in order to re-aerate the top soil layer, an adjustable blade for smoothing, an additional cage roller for the re-solidification and a curry comb, which leaves a crumbling, seed-ready grade.

The device has a working width of 3.60 m or 2.70 m in transport position and longitudinal towing. It requires a 80 HP tractor as a pulling machine.

With the Schwab large-surface grader, cultivated land can be re-solidified into a grade that is free of settling and ready for sowing in just two steps.

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