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Rollrasenverlegung mit der Jumbo-Verlegemaschine, Rollrasenernte mit der Jumbo-Erntemaschine

An entire stadium in just one day

To this day, unsurpassed in speed, accuracy and ground protection: Our Jumbo installation machine

Using the Jumbo turf-laying machine you can lay an entire football stadium in a single day. Nonetheless it exerts very little pressure n the ground. For more than ten years we have been using this unique technique and have laid the turf in hundreds of stadiums throughout Europe. The advantage is obvious: faster, more perfectly laid turf with fewer joins.

The fully-hydraulic drive of the self-propelled laying machine has infinitely variable steering and the installation can take place by remote control. One man steers the machine and another checks the unrolling of the turf and ensures a gap-free laying without folds or tears. The laying takes place backwards, whereby the freshly laid grass no longer has to be run over. Transport nets or films are separated from the turf and wound up during the installation. The machine itself runs on four rubberised chains and has a contact surface area of 2.53 m². As a result, the Schwab Jumbo installation machine has a lower soil pressure, even in the loaded state, than the human foot and leaves no traces on sensitive turf layers. With the ample power from a 60 HP Kubota or Perkins diesel engine, fast yet safe work is possible. Since the engine always runs in the middle speed range, noise development, environmental stress and wear are low.


Technical Data:

  • Self-propelled installation machine for 2.20m wide large rolls.
  • Travelling mechanism: 4 rubberised chains 0.35 x 1.80 m
  • Total contact area of the chains: 2.53 m²
  • Length: 3.50 m
  • Total width: 2.55 m
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Weight: 3.5 t empty (plus approx. 1 – 1.5 t of turf roll)
  • Soil pressure 0.18 kg/cm² and/or 1.8 t/m²
  • Engine: 60 PS Kubota or Perkins diesel engine
  • Speed: 1 – 5 km/h infinitely regulated
  • Control: remote controlled with two joystick controls
  • Separately controllable: speed of travel, steering unrolling speed and fine adjustment of the roll for gap-free installation.
  • Laying output: approx 2000 m²/h
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