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Rollrasenverlegung mit der Jumbo-Verlegemaschine, Rollrasenernte mit der Jumbo-Erntemaschine

A technology that is unique worldwide

Two lorry trailers per hour: Turf harvesting in the 21st century with our Jumbo harvesting machine

With the Jumbo harvesting machine, two lorry trailers of turf per hour can be gently harvested and simultaneously wound in film for smooth shipping. This technology, which is unique worldwide, has made it possible for the first time to completely cover the playing surface of a stadium with rolled turf within just one day. In addition, thanks to the extremely wide rolls, there are hardly any seams.

We have been using this unique technology for over ten years in nearly every well-known stadium in Europe. With the Jumbo roll it is possible to lay a stadium in one day. In addition, thanks to the extremely wide rolls, there are hardly any gaps. With the variable thickness from 10 – 40 mm, thick turfs can also be harvested which require no growing time and can be played on immediately. This also enables turf improvements or a very quick change of turf during the playing season.

The harvesting machine is made as an attachment for a tractor with at least 80 HP. Only one rod is attached to the tractor itself as a steering aid which can assist the operator in guiding the turf edge. A second man controls the roll speed, turf thickness and hydraulic functions for laying the finished roll from a hydraulically extendible platform. The roll can be taken from the rear of the turf harvesting machine by a forklift or placed on the ground. A net or film can be wound as a transparent protection during the rolling process. With the help of this technique, it is possible to harvest and load 2000 m² of turf within one hour.


Technical Data:

  • Turf harvesting machine as a trailer attachment for tractors with 80 HP or more
  • with power take-off: Hydraulically actuated via power-take-off-driven oil engine
  • Length: 4.50 m
  • Total width: 3.50 m
  • Transport width: Less than 3 m
  • Weight: Pulling vehicle: Tractor with 80 HP ore more
  • Working width / turf width: 2.20 m
  • Minimum roll length: 5.00 m
  • Maximum roll length: 35.00 m
  • Output: approx 2000 m²/h
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