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Jumbo-Technik von Schwab für die Rollrasenverlegung

Jumbo technology sets a new standard

Schwab innovation is used in almost all important European football stadiums

The Jumbo technology that we developed has been used in nearly every important European stadium in recent years. Our clients include many well-known clubs. After the 220 cm roll width established itself as standard in top-class sport, we also offer this technology for sale.

More than fifteen years ago we set the standard with our Jumbo turf harvesting and laying technology. To this day, there is no other comparable system. Unsurpassed are the speed and precision with which the turf is laid and the fact that the ground surface remains undamaged. This is absolutely essential when the turf is being laid in sports stadiums. Using this turf-laying machine, two men can lay an entire football field in just one day.

The harvesting technology is almost overshadowed by the laying technology, but it is equally important. Using the Jumbo turf harvesting machine it is possible to harvest two lorry loads of turf per hour without damaging it in any way. The turf is rolled in foil at the same time to ensure ease of transport. Peeling depths of between 10 – 40 mm can be adjusted hydraulically and rolls of up to 35 m are possible.

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