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Exaktplaner: der Minigrader von Schwab Rollrasen

A completely new design for a mini-grader

Simply impressive: Our Exaktplaner is extremely mobile and can be used for multiple functions

After a great deal of thought, we designed an entirely new multifunctional mini-grader. Our Exaktplaner is not simply a version of an existing grader that has been proportionally reduced in size, but rather it is a completely newly developed device; developed with a completely new approach. A work machine on three wheels that can be telescopically extended and is incredibly agile and mobile at the same time.

The length of the grader can be extended hydraulically from 4.50 m to 5.70 m and provides a very precise grade without compromising its agility. A turning radius of only 2.5 m has been made possible thanks to its special design. Despite its low weight of only 2.8 tons, the Schwab Exaktplaner®, with its powerful 60 HP motor, is one of the most capable machines in garden and landscape construction. Not lastly, thanks to its 3-point hydraulics with power take-off, it can be combined with all attachments like reciprocating or power harrows, cultivators, Verti-Drain or fertiliser spreaders and thereby replaces a tractor at the site.

Its areas of application include all types of substructures in road construction, walkway construction and block paving, all work on subterranean garages and surfaces with low load-bearing capacity, installation and grading of base courses in sport field and riding arena building, to fine grading for lawns in larger gardens, pools and public areas. The Schwab Exaktplaner® can be demonstrated any time. Please contact us for an appointment.

Technical Data:

  • 3-wheel grader with all-wheel drive, articulated steering and crab steering
  • 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine with 60 hp, emissions level III
  • Fully hydrostatic all-wheel drive, infinitely adjustable from 0-18 kph
  • Hydraulically extending length from 4.50 m to 5.70 m
  • Width with blade 2.00 m, minimal 1.50 m
  • Blade width: 2 m, standard extensions to 2.6 m
  • Pivoting and tilting blade with frame
  • Blade lifting height 25 cm or 36 cm
  • Height with safety gate: 2.51 m
  • Weight with rear hydraulics and full fuel tank: 2,800 kg
  • Minimal turning radius: 2.5 m
  • Tank capacity: 45 litres, Hydraulic system approx. 70 litres
  • Tyre size: 425 / 55 R 17
  • International patent applications pending, manufactured in Germany

Additional equipment:

  • 3-point hydraulic system with power take-off for all attachments like power or reciprocating harrows, cultivators, Verti-Drain, etc.
  • Laser control
  • Ultrasound sensors
  • Street sweeper can attach to the blade

In the extended state, the length of 5.70 m together with the long wheelbase and the all-wheel drive enables powerful work with the highest grading precision. Fully-automatic laser and ultrasonic equipment which automatically guide the blade are available on request.

In addition, attachments like cultivators, reciprocating harrows, scarifiers or lawn care machines can be attached to the 3-point hydraulics and power take-off. The 60 HP Perkins diesel engine installed in the Schwab Exaktplaner® has sufficient power in reserve in order to guarantee efficient and powerful work.

Crab steering can also be utilised for work by using the front wheel steering in combination with the articulated steering. This ensures that the front wheel always follows the already completed grading and thereby increases grading speed. Working in corners and tight spaces is possible thanks to the additional articulated steering. With a turning radius of only 2.5 m, manoeuvring around obstacles and turning in the tightest spaces are child’s play.

Therefore the Schwab Exaktplaner® is well-suited for sporting facilities, riding stables, private gardens and even roof gardens for the highly-precise installation of all materials. The Schwab Exaktplaner® is so compact and agile that difficult and small-structured working situations are mastered and reworking by hand can be almost entirely eliminated. Therefore the Schwab Exaktplaner is a multifunctional work machine for small to medium-sized surfaces.

With a weight of 2.8 t, the Schwab Exaktplaner can even be transported on a car trailer.

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