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Rollrasenverlegung mit der Jumbo-Verlegemaschine, Rollrasenernte mit der Jumbo-Erntemaschine

The best and fastest way to lay rolled turf: Welcome to Schwab Special Machines!

Pioneer in the area of technical innovations

Innovative technology for laying rolled turf: Our special machines are exclusively our own developments and were originally used to facilitate the daily work as a producer of rolled turf. However, it was not long before the first prospective customers contacted us, and today our machines are used on a broad front.

  • With our Jumbo technology we have made it possible to harvest and lay the lawn for an entire soccer stadium within one day.
  • For the medium roll technology we have invented two robust, easy-to-handle and fast-working machines.
  • Our large-surface grader guarantees perfect, high-precision lawn grading that is fast as well as cost-effective.
  • As a mini-grader where space is at a premium our Fine leveller offers maximum precision and maximum manoeuvrability.

These examples show: In the area of further developments and innovations we have always played a pioneering role. Thus the name of our family-business, founded in 1969, has not only established itself as a brand, but also as a byword for inventiveness, quality and service. More information in this regard is provided on our Company page!

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